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If you join us, you're coming at a great time. Our focus is on our customers and growth. We're growing our member base, our customers and our staff. But we know we can't grow without significant investment. That's why our parent company, HomeServe are financially backing our plans by investing in our people, products and processes in areas such as marketing, systems and innovative technologies.

If you’re ambitious, you’ve met your match - but we can’t do it alone. We need top-notch customer service advisors, tech developers, super sales people and marketing masterminds (to name just a few) to bring our vision to life. So, if you’re looking to make your mark at a fast-paced, growing dot com, you’ve come to the right place.

We are Checkatrade. Are you?

Our people are the voices behind the strong relationships we’ve built with thousands of UK tradespeople. We advise and support trades at every stage of their membership, which has been key to our success since 1998. 

Each team works with members at different stages of their journey – working together to provide a great service to our customers.

Whichever job you apply for, we look at you as an individual and try to match you to a role and team that you’ll enjoy, be able to embrace, and thrive in. We know how valuable diversity is – that’s why a wide range of people with a variety of backgrounds love working at Checkatrade. 

But are you what we’re after?

Our Teams

Check out this quick guide to our teams:

Jr 1 Jr 1


If you’re a savvy salesperson and you understand customer needs, there’s a spot on one of our sales teams waiting for you.

Uncapped commission ✓   

No Cold Calling ✓

No Scripted conversations ✓

Career progression ✓   

Mix of home and office working ✓

Achievable targets ✓

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We don’t cut corners. We’re renowned for our strict vetting checks before businesses join us, so if you know that the devil is in the detail but you’re always on the lookout to make a process more positive, our vetting team need you.

Iwd Event 6 Iwd Event 6

Membership Advice

If being the font of all knowledge floats your boat, then helping our customers maximise their membership sounds like it could be right up your street. Your advice and guidance will take our trades businesses from good to great and problem solving will be part of your DNA.

Office Staff Cat 5 2 1 Office Staff Cat 5 2 1

Customer Support and Renewals

You have a need to continually succeed. That’s why if you join our Customer Support or Renewals team, you’ll be talking to trades all about what the benefits of staying with us will bring. If they’re on the fence about whether they should stay or go, you’ll just know, and you’ll show them the best way they can stay.

Office Staff 2 Office Staff 2


It’s not all plain sailing, but when things go wrong, you’re the first to work out the facts and come up with a positive plan of action to help both our members and consumers. If you have top-notch negotiation skills and you can handle a complex challenge without flying off the handle, join Reviews..

Gill Reception 48 Gill Reception 48


Taking calls and resolving queries from both our consumers and our members. From post-room to in-person, you’ll be the go-to guru for a range of enquiries and you’re always up for trying a new way of doing things.

Office Staff Cat 51 2 1 Office Staff Cat 51 2 1


Payment plans? Data processing? Number accuracy? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions and you are business-focused and able to negotiate, persuade and resolve payment queries, a career chapter in Finance at Checkatrade could be waiting for you.

Lc 14edit Lc 14edit

Technology and Product

Can’t go a day without coding? Passionate about developing digital products? Do you love innovation, ideas and new technologies? We’re at the start of a dynamic digital journey, so if you’re technical and can’t wait a second longer to succeed at a fast-paced dot com, we need you. Now.

Lakeside Corridor Lakeside Corridor


Can you create showstopping campaigns? Are you at your best working creatively on a multi-channel marketing project? If you’re a data-driven brand champion marketeer looking for your next career move, our dynamic and diverse marketing team could be just the right place for you.

Iwd Event 28 Iwd Event 28


AKA Human Resources. Except we’re human. And we help other humans, or people as we like to call them. We advertise jobs, recruit, and develop amazing talent, take care of training and are on a mission to raise the roof on employee engagement. We’re the people that pay you too. So, if you’re as passionate about people as we are, there could be a you-shaped space in our company.

We’re focused on working together to get to the overall goals. Having worked in the mainstream world of Finance for many years, having this friendly, supportive and empowered environment is a breath of fresh air.

Job Listings

Explore our huge range of jobs and find out what your career with us could look like.