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How do we stay on top of our game

As a digital business going through an exciting growth period, we are on a continuous journey to evolve and transform from good to great. So how do we ensure we stay on trend? 

We caught up with Kirsty, Checkatrade's new UX Designer, to hear about some of the things she has been working on since joining the company. 

I am new to Checkatrade, and it’s been such an incredible experience so far. The team has been very welcoming and supportive, and I’ve learned so much in a short space of time! 

I predominantly work on the homeowner side of our product, focusing on improving our funnelling and filtering journeys across the website search functionality, alongside designing lead enrichment concepts and flows for direct messaging and 'request a quote'. One of the very first projects I got involved in was discovering and designing ways to potentially highlight a tradesperson’s distance from a homeowner (to decrease job decline rates).

I’ve also been researching our competitors and analysing our Trustpilot reviews to gain insight into what users like and dislike about our website and trade app! 

I have been introduced to a world of research, surveys and focus groups, which has been fascinating. Alongside this, I designed a real-time analytics screen for usage on HDTV behind our reception desks, which offers an up-to-date look on how many calls, messages and 'request a quote' enquiries we receive each day. 

Kirsty Kirsty

New to Checkatrade, we understand you’ve had a whirlwind of a start with loads of exciting activities taking place. Tell us a bit about our monthly Product Council and what you learned. 

The Product Council is a fantastic opportunity for both the leadership team and product/design teams to get together and discuss recent research findings, data analysis and everything design related. There is often a trade specialist invited to give a speech, which can be incredibly motivational and inspiring to hear! 

We learn a great deal from these sessions, as they introduce us to recent findings about our homeowners and tradespeople using the Checkatrade platform. Which, in turn, can really assist us in producing the best solutions in UX/UI. These sessions also allow employees of all levels to express their ideas and opinions on topics raised – which is so great! 

What other things does Checkatrade do that are outside of your normal 9 to 5? 

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of the Google Hackathon with Checkatrade. It was a great chance to get to know members of the team I hadn’t met before and work alongside people I normally wouldn’t! We created a product that allowed tradespeople to recommend another trader if they couldn’t accept a job request sent their way by a homeowner. 

I also attended my very first UX Show & Tell session, which was a completely new experience for me as I had to present in front of so many people! I was nervously excited for the challenge and loved every minute of it! It was great to see what the rest of the team had been working on. 

What are your first impressions of Checkatrade? 

It seems to me that Checkatrade is a company that truly cares about its people. There’s a real sense of community and support, and employees from all levels can express their voices and be heard. I think that’s what sets Checkatrade apart from other places I’ve worked at – the true sense that everyone plays a vital part in the success of the company and everyone is equally important.

I was told when I started at Checkatrade that you can achieve anything at this company if you want to – you just need to make it happen! Working here can really help to support my career and personal growth in the future. I have regular check-ins with my manager and daily stand-ups with the rest of my team, which really maintains that collaborative and fun nature of the company, even while we work from home. 

I absolutely love that employees at Checkatrade do truly seem to enjoy working there, with such a friendly atmosphere found across both our Cosham and London offices. I’m so excited about my future at Checkatrade! 

Finally - Top tips for other females in tech inside and outside Checkatrade – how to keep on top of the game? 

I’d say, for those working inside of Checkatrade – we get access to LinkedIn Learning which is an amazing way to keep up with all the newest skills in tech. 

I also follow a few YouTube channels that support my UX/UI/Figma development. They’re easy to follow and can be watched in manageable chunks. Lastly, Pinterest and Dribbble are always great for those moments where you need that extra little bit of inspiration.