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Changes to Engineering Leadership

This year we’re investing heavily in technology, including innovation in platforms, products and people. Our mission to be the trusted foundation of every home is being accelerated by our huge opportunity to transform the face of the home improvements and repairs sector. We are leveraging cutting-edge technology to craft a service that truly matters – making life simpler and more efficient for all our customers. From simply connecting our customers to trades, to building an end-to-end solution for safe and happy homes; we are on an exciting growth journey!

That’s why we’re delighted to introduce two of the gamechangers that have recently joined our team of top leadership talent -  Liv Wild and Vrash Irde. Let’s find out more about these inspirational engineering leaders and why they decided to join Checkatrade.

About Liv Wild

Director of Engineering – Platform and Tools

Liv is an engineering leader with a track record of successfully shaping strategy and leading effective organisation-level change. Liv has experience in a diverse range of organisations including large-scale strategy projects for UK Government; and transforming engineering delivery at Cloudflare, Expedia Group and the BBC. In addition, Liv has professional services experience with ThoughtWorks – all of which has inspired her passion for an engineering-centred, data-driven, agile approach.

Liv’s recently joined Checkatrade as Director, Engineering Platform & Tools, leading a team of engineers responsible for the platform experience and  powering the digital transformation of Checkatrade. Liv has been described as a natural and inspiring leader who combines her strengths of curiosity, analysis and open-mindedness, with a technologist's passion for delivering innovation and change through empowering talent and teams.

Why Checkatrade?

“I love platform engineering, and what an incredible opportunity to be part of the team that creates and operates the software platform that will power the marketplace Checkatrade wants to create. The people are exceptional too – so warm and welcoming, and with so much drive and commitment to the business. These two things combined means there is a significant opportunity for me and my team to build a great platform and a fabulous engineering culture that drives velocity and innovation. I’m so excited by and grateful for the opportunity. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my success.”

About Vrash Irde

Director of Engineering – Product 

Vrash is a technology executive and leader, passionate about building inclusive, high-performing engineering and product organisations. He has more than 17 years of engineering leadership experience, collaborating with, leading, and managing awesome humans to build products that solve real world customer problems.

His previous marketplace and big tech background has seen him working for carwow and Amazon along with various start-ups. Vrash is a strong believer in the power of small, high-performing teams driven by servant leadership. He has a passion for developing 0-1 playbooks for scaleups and building strong engineering organisations and cultures. He values customer obsession, integrity, radical transparency, and bias for action.

Why Checkatrade?

“From the outset, I was drawn to Checkatrade's ambitious plan and drive to become a true end-to-end marketplace. The chance to work with a brilliant team and solve challenging problems alongside smart colleagues was a huge pull. As someone who thrives in taking projects from 0 to 1, the opportunity to make a significant impact in a company that is scaling from 1 to n was irresistible; I'm super excited to dive into all things product and engineering, from resetting organisational design to building a high-talent density team and driving execution. But what resonated with me the most is Checkatrade's relentless focus on customers. We're here to improve the lives of homeowners and tradespeople and I’m excited to contribute to creating meaningful change in this space.”

Stay up to date with  our tech innovation, our people, and our mission on LinkedIn. And, once more, welcome to Checkatrade Liv and Vrash. Let’s get it done!