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A day in a life of a Social Media & Community Manager

In the era of hashtags, likes, and viral trends, the role of a Social Media & Community Manager has become a dynamic and integral part of the digital landscape. If you've ever wondered what it's like to navigate the ever-evolving world of social media, join us as we peel back the curtain on the daily adventures of Emily, our Social Media and Community Manager here at Checkatrade.

What does a typical day look like for you?

First things first, a Vanilla latte is always in hand (extra hot) whilst I scan for the latest trends, industry news, and emerging conversations. I respond to comments, messages, and mentions which I conquer with my teammate Lee. Together, we manage the comments and messages we receive on our social channels, so if you haven't popped over to our other platforms yet, come over and say hi!

Next on the list is to dive into some content creation. Whether it's crafting witty captions, designing visuals or ideation for the months ahead, the goal is to create content that not only reflects the brand's personality but also sparks up some conversations and resonates with our audience.

As the day progresses, our analytics tool becomes my best friend whilst I dive into the data — measuring all the important metrics needed to refine future content. Knowing what makes the audience tick determines what I’ll be making and sharing next.

What’s the best bit about being part of the marketing team? 

Seeing a campaign take flight, witnessing a surge in engagement, or receiving positive feedback from the community is the ultimate reward. The satisfaction of knowing that your efforts and contributions have made an impact in the digital space is what I thrive on as a social media and community manager.

Given social media isn't a solo act, who I work with is also my favourite part of the job. Collaboration with the marketing, design, and content teams is key to creating a harmonious online presence. I work alongside these teams to ensure that content aligns seamlessly with the overall brand strategy so it’s an added bonus I don’t just see the team as colleagues, they are my friends too. A great team equals great results!

What about leadership support, how do they help you succeed?

Time is always taken to acknowledge achievements. Whether that’s an e-card of appreciation on the employee portal, a Checkatrade award, or a team shoutout on the marketing group chat, we’re all in it to support each other to get to that north star. No matter how big or small the win is, you’ll know about it. I won the ‘Do the right thing’ award in December - I was thrilled!

There is also a strong emphasis on professional development which is encouraged wherever possible. Linkedin Learning is one of the employee benefits I take full advantage of - especially as social media is a multifaceted landscape which encompasses a wide range of skills needed, so having free access to courses to brush up on skills or learn something new on demand is a fantastic perk.

What advice would you have for anyone considering a career in Social Media?

 Social media is way more than posting pretty pictures, and there is a wide range of roles you’ll come across when scouting for your perfect job. Here are my top three tips for entering into a career in social media:

Be a Social Media Enthusiast! A genuine passion for social media is the foundation of success. Stay curious, immerse yourself in all the platforms, and be an active participant in online communities. This will ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, features, and algorithm changes. Understanding the user experience is crucial.

Develop a Diverse Skill Set: Social media often requires a combination of skills. Focus on creative writing, visual design, analytics, and community management skills. Nail these, and then decide if you want to specialise in a targeted area such as paid advertising, influencer management or strategy to name a few.

Test and Learn: Don't be afraid to try new ideas. Social media is a space for experimentation. Some campaigns may not work as expected, and that's ok. Learn from failures, adapt, and refine your approach. You’ll only know if it works until you do it, so go for it!

 And finally, we like to get to know our staff personally as well as professionally, what are your hobbies?

I love to knit ! I’m very crafty and enjoy sewing too, so I normally spend my weekends making stuff. I also love roller skating, socialising with friends and taking my dogs for long walks.

Thank you Emily for sharing!