Claire Dyson Personal 004 Claire Dyson Personal 004

Why Claire chose Checkatrade as her employer of choice

Choosing the right employer is one of the most significant decisions in anyone’s career. It can be somewhat daunting to navigate different company offerings especially as you know making the right pick is so critical for your long-term career satisfaction and growth.

Let us introduce you to Claire, who joined us in April as Head of Consumer CRM. Claire has made massive impact in a short space of time, so we wanted to catch up with her and see what it was about Checkatrade that made Claire choose us as her employer of choice.

Firstly, huge congratulation to you Claire. How has your first few months been? 

My first few months at Checkatrade have been incredibly exciting and fun. I've enjoyed meeting everyone and feeling the energy and collaboration that runs through the business. It's been great to see how everyone works together to achieve our mission.

What specifically attracted you to Checkatrade? 

What attracted me most to Checkatrade was the incredible opportunity we have here to make a significant impact. Additionally, during the interview process, I was impressed by the talented and bright individuals I met. Their willingness to both share their knowledge and learn from others made it clear that this was a business I wanted to be a part of. It felt like a place where I could grow and contribute meaningfully.

Were there any particular aspects of our company's mission or values that resonated with you?

As a CRM nerd, I would have to say our "Always Customer Obsessed" value. We continuously test and learn together, listening to our customer insights and evolving our approach based on feedback and learnings. This value aligns perfectly with what I believe we should be focusing on daily in our department, ensuring we always put our customers at the forefront of our efforts.

 How did the company's culture and work environment influence your decision to join us?

I'm a big team player and understand the importance of recognising success and hard work, both for myself and my team. I've seen firsthand that recognising people not only supports performance at work but also ensures our staff feel valued in what they do. This is a culture that Checkatrade excels in, and part of what influenced my decision to join the company.

What did you learn during the interview process that solidified your choice to accept our offer?

During the interview process, I was particularly impressed by the people I met, the company’s significant investment in CRM technology, and the commitment to innovation. These factors combined were part of what influenced my decision to accept the offer, as they aligned perfectly with my professional goals and values.

Were there any specific roles or projects that excited you about working here?

It would have to be the launch of our new consumer app. Head over to download and check it out😊

What expectations do you have about working here, and how do you believe we can meet them?

My expectations for working at Checkatrade revolve around three key pillars: collaboration, recognition, and innovation. Checkatrade can meet these expectations by continuing to promote a culture that values collaboration at all levels, implementing robust recognition programs that acknowledge both individual and team accomplishments, and fostering an environment that supports and rewards innovation in our processes and technologies.

 And finally, we like to get to know our staff personally as well as professionally, so what is your favourite film and why?

Oooh I’m not a film buff, more books but I would have to say anything Leo DiCaprio. I love The Beach and I spent some time in Thailand in my younger days, visiting where it was filmed.

Our congratulations go to Claire, and we are super exciting to see you excel in your role. Huge thanks for sharing your story with us.