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Meet our sales superstar...Tyler

At Checkatrade, we believe in celebrating success and we wanted to share a great example of an inspiring individual, who has gone from strength to strength and is now one of our top performers!  

Tyler joined our Inbound Sales Team in November 2023. It wasn’t long before he was smashing his targets and being a great sales champion. Tyler is “one to watch” and a true asset to the success of our Inbound team. Let’s learn more about him… 

What first attracted you to Checkatrade?  

I had a couple of mates working at Checkatrade that told me about the work-life balance and of course the opportunity to earn some nice bonuses every month! Since joining, there has been some big changes within the team but it’s not been too drastic or anything to make me want to leave.  

What’s your advice be for anyone thinking of joining Checkatrade? 

Just take the leap over; you have just got to make sure you’re ready to graft when you’re here. It’s all about being in the dialler! 

It’s fair to say that you’ve been smashing it! What do you believe makes a good salesperson at Checkatrade?  

Resilience and graft. Even though it’s an inbound sales job, not everyone you speak to is going to say yes. These people are just your everyday trades person, so being nice and direct suits them best. 

What are your true motivators?  

MONEY. Simple as that. More money means that my family live a better life. Who over said money can’t buy happiness was a liar! 

As you know, the business is going through a big transformation with exciting growth plans. Do you have any long-term goals/career aspirations at Checkatrade?  

At the moment, I’m just happy to sit on this phone and make money. Hopefully the more we grow the bigger the bonusses get. 

And finally, what keeps you focused/on track with your targets/goals? 

Having a good team leader really helps as well as setting mini goals each month. Vision boards to keep me on track with what I want to achieve.  

Massive congratulations to Tyler for being a sales legend and simply getting it done!