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Dylan T– an inspirational journey of career growth and opportunity

Starting his journey with Checkatrade as a Junior Business Intelligence Analyst before transitioning to the position of Data Analyst, Dylan is an incredible example of successful internal career progression. The proud owner of multiple Outstanding Achievement Awards for his remarkable contributions, Dylan became part of our team in 2021 and has consistently impressed us with his outstanding success. We did a little Q&A with him – and here’s what he had to say... 

We hear your mantelpiece is filled with Outstanding Achievement Awards - how many have you got so far? 

I have received four awards from Checkatrade since joining in 2021. 

What’s the secret to your success at Checkatrade? 

The recognition I have received is a testament to the data-driven nature of the business!  

I work closely with the Product Teams and the wider business as part of the build-measure-learn loop. As part of this loop, I am responsible for measuring the success of new initiatives and relaying this information to key stakeholders. I can credit most of my success to the collective effort of the Product Teams and their ability to release exciting new features, and as a result, I often find myself in the fortunate position to share good new stories with the wider business. 

How did your role change after your promotion from Junior Business Intelligence Analyst to Data Analyst? 

The technical aspects of the role have remained largely unchanged, but the responsibilities and opportunities have increased significantly.  

I was initially providing support to other Analysts across the team as I continued to learn and gain experience. I am now responsible for a range of essential reports and dashboards across several departments, and I am frequently presenting insights to the wider business at key meetings. I am also given the autonomy to manage the insights requests related to the business functions that I work most closely with, and I am actively involved in the planning and steering of their projects. 

What training and support did you receive to get to the Data Analyst role with Checkatrade? 

I was given the opportunity to complete the Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification and I am now a Microsoft certified Power BI Analyst. I am always encouraged to look for upskilling opportunities that the business may be able to support with and I hope to obtain a Python programming certification soon too. 

There have also been a diverse range of additional opportunities that have been incredibly valuable - from attending summits and conferences through to participating in internal hackathons to engage in cross-team collaboration and targeted learning. 

What programming languages have been useful for you to learn throughout your journey? 

In my journey as a Data Analyst, SQL has been fundamental for querying various databases to build data models. Power BI knowledge has also been required to create reports and familiarity with DAX has been crucial for creating advanced calculations and measures in those reports. I would also say that knowledge in statistical analysis, data modelling, and data visualisation are key areas to be familiar with. 

Any resources you would recommend for someone looking to take up a career in Data Analysis? 

The ability to effectively communicate your insights is a key part of the role and I found that the book ‘Storytelling with Data’ by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic was a very accessible and informative read.  

I would also recommend engaging with the online paths and modules that Microsoft provide for Power BI – I found these to be incredibly useful when studying for the Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification.  

For anyone looking to learn Python, OpenEdge have a couple of Python Essentials courses that cover most of the core concepts covered in the early stages of the Python Institution certification roadmap. 

What do you envision for your future career goals? 

Now that I have a solid foundation as a Data Analyst, I am hoping to learn the skills required to support with both Data Engineering and Data Science projects. I would love to have knowledge in both areas to that I can seamlessly navigate the end-to-end data lifecycle. 

I am currently working with the Data Engineering Team to upskill in this area so that I can provide support in the build and maintenance of our data architecture. We have also recently added a Data Science unit and so I will be looking to identify opportunities for collaboration and learning in the near future. 

Massive congratulations for Dylan for all his achievements so far. What an incredible start to his career and we look forward to seeing what’s next for Dylan!