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Candidate experience is the 101 of a strong recruitment strategy. But why is it so important?

Having an excellent candidate experience will help a company stand out from the crowd and attract valuable talent. We hear on a regular basis that once candidates apply for jobs, they hear nothing. So, we want to be different. People talk and we want them to be talking about us! Not only will a good candidate experience retain top talent, but it will also promote a strong company reputation. According to a report by IBM, candidates who had a positive Candidate Experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer.

We always say our people are at the heart of our business. And as a values led, people-centric culture is very important to us and we want to connect and engage with the best possible talent who have the right skills and behaviours to help us grow. We have an experienced Talent Team that will create a tailor-made experience for every person to attract and convert qualified talent and connect the right candidate to the right role. This ensures that our candidates never feel they are just a number to us.

So, what do we do to give candidates the best experience? And what can our Hiring Managers to do to support us? 

It all starts with the advert. We write engaging content written in a format that speaks directly to the candidate. On top of this we use AI to optimise our adverts in a way that support D&I, readability and ranks highly on the search engines. Cool right? We then balance the advert focus from ‘what’s in it for you’ to ‘what you need to succeed’ to bring it alive, because we understand recruitment is a two way street. Here’s some other highlights:

- We create a positive sourcing experience for the candidate. We phone screen shortlisted candidates to provide that personal touch, find out the right skills, and do some storytelling around Checkatrade and the role. 

- We use Eploy, our application tracking system, to keep in touch. A mix of personalised messages and automation will allow us to make sure we keep the candidates informed throughout the process. 

- We make sure the interview process is as slick as possible. We keep in regular contact with our candidates giving them updates on their application. 

- We optimise the candidate onboarding process. We make our candidates feel special from day one. 

- We follow up with candidates once they have received their contract.

Hiring Manager engagement is imperative. We need their buy in so we can gain quick, detailed feedback. We live in a very challenging recruitment market and need to be quicker at getting back to candidates. So let's not delay, let's give feedback today!

And finally, check out some of the amazing feedback our Talent Team have received…

Pia: "I also wanted to say (genuinely) I have been chatting to lots of recruiters over the last 12 months and you must be the most switched on and knowledgeable (about the role) that I have spoken to. You're a real credit to Checkatrade."

Aimie: "Thanks for helping me through the process you have been really helpful. Thank you for considering me for other roles you have kept the process smooth."

Laura: "Laura has replied to my emails incredibly fast; she’s been open with me at every stage of the process and has always kept me informed with the next steps clearly. Regardless of the outcome, I wanted to call this out because it’s difficult to find a recruiter who actually cares about the individual and doesn’t see us as just a number or tick box. Laura excelled at making me feel wanted at Checkatrade and she sold the company and values very well! Being personable is a trait that is required by recruiters and she’s incredibly successful at being personable and understanding how personal situations can impact the interview process and she has accommodated for that accordingly."

 Allissia: "I have had such a positive experience from yourself and Karl that I do hope you will keep my details on record. I will continue to check the vacancies available - you never know!"

Sarah: "Sarah was outstanding in her role. She painted an exciting picture around the investment and opportunity with Checkatrade. Sarah showed true passion in Checkatrade. I really could see the growth of the business. It sounds very exciting."

Blog by: Sarah Early, Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Checkatrade