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A day in a life of Membership Success Manager 

A day in a life of Membership Success Manager  

As a 25-year-old business, with 47,000 trade members, providing exceptional service to our trade customers is key. We have varied teams across the business providing bespoke support to trades to ensure they are best set to make the most of their membership with Checkatrade.  

We spoke to Marcus, our Membership Success Manager AKA Membership Retention Advisor, and asked him to walk us through his day... 

Tell us a bit about the role of an MSM?  

As a Membership Success Manager each day we are presented with trades that need support with their accounts whether it is renewals, financial struggles, a perceived lack of value from the membership or simply just looking to get more from us. We have a varied toolkit available that we can utilise to ensure our members receive the best support possible, depending on their scenario. 

What’s the best bits about being part of the Retention Team?  

This team is very efficient at completing tasks to a high standard and we are always looking at ways we can further support our members. With the ongoing growth comes new projects so there are always lots of opportunities to further develop our skills and knowledge. What makes the team great is the people and leadership behind it. Our team morale is always at a high and there is never a dull day when we are together! Being in such a friendly happy team makes the days fly by! As part of the Membership Success team, you never feel like you are on your own - every member of the team is always happy to help each other and if anything, it feels like a mini family.  

Retention Goodies Retention Goodies

That sounds really lovely. Sounds like you’ve got a good thing going on! What about leadership support, how do they help you succeed?  

In addition to ensuring our team is highly engaged and in high spirits, the leadership behind the team are always happy to support us grow and develop by arranging coaching sessions. This can be around enhancing skills or focussed on learning something new. They also hold quarterly listening groups with us team members to review and improve ways of working. By the nature of being the team responsible for retention, part of our role does entail dealing with some challenging conversations from time to time, but we are well equipped with all the tools at our disposal to turn them around with ease. Additionally, we have fun too. We do regular socials and get togethers such as our recent team BBQ. And we also have quarterly incentives as an extra perk to drive and reward performance.  

So, what did you get up to before your career at Checkatrade and how did it equip you for this role?  

My previous careers have been of a wide variety starting out in the trade and moving on to hospitality management. I also gained phone based experience working as a motor accident claims handler, sales team manager and even did a stint in the care sector. All these roles and experiences have provided me with an insight to different aspects of life. They all came with their own unique challenges which has helped me to be adaptable to different situations. Whether it is problem solving, handing difficult conversations, showcasing empathy or simply just having good conversations with customers, over the years I’ve built my own toolkit of skills that help me provide the best service possible. 

What advice would you have for anyone considering a career in the Membership Success Team?   

For anybody who is looking to further develop and is not afraid to challenge themselves this is the role. If you enjoy being a part of a close friendly team, then the MSM team is a great step in the right direction.  

Huge thanks to Marcus for a glimpse behind the scenes. Whether you are already at Checkatrade or looking to join us, our MSM team are recruiting. For more info, visit Membership Retention Advisor in Lakeside, Portsmouth - Checkatrade Careers