Charity Leave


How does one week every year to support a cause close to you in addition to your annual leave sound? Too good to be true? Trust us, it isn't. Recently our employees have volunteered at a wide range of charities.

Our Communications Manager Tash Peddell spent a week’s charity leave in the marketing department of the Brain & Spine Foundation.


“I feel incredibly lucky to work for a company who grant all their employees a week’s charity leave every year in addition to their annual leave, to support a cause close to them. So much so, that as soon as I completed my probation period at Checkatrade, I jumped at the chance to contact The Brain & Spine Foundation and arranged to join them for week in March 2019.

I volunteered my marketing and communications skills and experience at the charity headquarters in London because I wanted to give something back to a charity who were pivotal in providing support to my Mum when she experienced a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage.

From the moment I arrived I threw myself in to the task at hand - which was supporting with content for the charity’s Brain Awareness Week campaign. I wrote two blog posts, sourced wider support articles on neurological conditions, and contributed my Mum’s personal story for the website. I also crafted a press release, shaped the monthly newsletter, reviewed the charity’s social media channels and offered advice on project management tools and communications planning.

I absolutely loved my time at the Brain & Spine Foundation and really feel that I contributed to the charity with impact. So much so, that they are now in regular contact asking me for communications support on some of their key projects!

The three hour each way commute didn’t matter - because despite feeling tired, I felt overwhelmed with positivity as ultimately I was able to give back to a cause which means so much. I can’t wait to support another charity next year.”

Our Facilities & Charities Coordinator Max Wiseman spent a week’s charity leave training with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


“The generosity of Checkatrade has always astounded me from the day I joined. Never have I worked for a business that allow their employees a week’s charity leave in addition to the annual holiday allowance. Charity means the world to me, especially given that in my spare time I volunteer on the Selsey Lifeboat, so it only seemed right to give even more back.

During the five days leave I experienced a range of challenges associated with receiving a new lifeboat. Selsey had selected to receive the newest lifeboat in the RNLI fleet, the Shannon Class. I had the opportunity to learn how to helm (drive) the jet driven lifeboat in addition to learning how to navigate and use the various pieces of new rescue equipment aboard the boat. I also got the opportunity to learn how the SLARS (Shannon Launch And Recovery System) works with an in-depth look into the innermost workings of 21st century technology.

I absolutely loved my time on board during the week and learnt so much while being able to give so much back to a supportive community. The lifeboat has been a pivotal part of the community at Selsey for over 150 years and I am proud to be able to play a part in this fantastic charity.”

Our Marketing Executive Kelly Marsh spends her annual charity leave supporting the Marine & Sea Cadet core.


“I pledge my time to the Marine & Sea Cadet core and Ministry of Defence twice a week and every other weekend. I’ve dedicated every spare hour I have for over seven years as a Petty Officer and Skill at Arms Instructor as this enables me to support young adults by making a big difference to their lives.

Being able to take charity leave for one week a year every year gives me a fantastic opportunity to spend even more time teaching and utilising my skills. The charity work I do has a positive impact on teenage mental health and also helps those from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have had access to such opportunities.

The Marine & Sea Cadets offer young people the chance to look up to role models and belonging to units gives them the support and guidance to navigate some of the most challenging years of their lives.

Without the annual charity leave I take every year at Checkatrade, I wouldn't be able to help as many young people as I do, so I’m so grateful to work for a company offering such a rare employee benefit.”